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Why Should I Switch to Implant-Supported Dentures?

When it comes to replacing an entire arch of missing or severely damaged teeth, a number of options are available to patients—all of which can be beneficial for the right candidates. Our highly experienced and extensively trained implant dentist, Dr. John D. Beckwith, recommends implant-supported dentures whenever appropriate for patients, due to the immediate and long-term benefits the solution offers. Unlike traditional dentures, which simply rest on top of the gums, implant-supported dentures are a type of overdenture that is attached to a set of dental implants that have fused with the jawbone.

Whether you are receiving dentures for the first time or are considering switching from traditional dentures to implant-supported dentures, learn about some of the major advantages of the dental implant solution below.

  • Improved comfort since the implant dentures are anchored to the jawbone and, as a result, won’t slip and cause gum irritation.
  • More secure bite allows people to eat foods they otherwise may not have been able to eat with removable dentures, including various chewy or tough foods.
  • No pastes or adhesives are needed, which are typically required with removable dentures to help them stay in place, but can be messy and generally inconvenient.
  • Enhanced ability to speak since the implant-supported dentures are securely in position and won’t shift along the gumline.
  • For more information about how implant-supported dentures can improve your quality of life, please contact Cornerstone Dental to schedule an appointment with Dr. Beckwith.