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What if I Don’t Have Enough Bone for Dental Implants?

blond lady in dental chairDental implants are often considered the best possible replacement option for lost teeth. This is due to their ability to replace the entire tooth – from the surface down to the root – restoring both the form and function of the missing tooth. While dental implants are a highly beneficial solution for individuals experiencing tooth loss, not everyone is a good candidate. To increase patients’ likelihood of achieving successful dental implant results, Dr. John Beckwith offers bone grafting.

Bone grafting is designed to improve bone density to create a stronger foundation for the implant post. In addition, the grafting procedure can help improve the overall shape of the ridge. Dr. Beckwith has extensive experience with the grafting procedure and has helped numerous Cornerstone Dental patients become eligible for dental implants when they were previously not an option.
If bone grafting is not appropriate for a certain patient, our team also offers alternative tooth replacement options. In some cases, they may still be able to receive mini dental implants or anchored dentures. Others may benefit more from traditional dentures or bridges. Ultimately, the most beneficial solution will vary according to each patient’s unique needs, and Dr. Beckwith will work closely with you to find the best possible solution for your goals.